Book Review: Monster Planet by David Wellington

Set twelve years after the shambling zombie masses have overrun Manhattan, America, and the world, Monster Planet is the mind-blowing conclusion to what must be the scariest trilogy ever. Oceans of blood, scattered limbs, wanton violence, and general mayhem abound, along with revivified mummies, a Welsh sorcerer, and Wellington's signature brand of cool high-tech weaponry and sly humor — zombies, after all, are the ultimate consumers. What do the undead want, aside from fresh meat? Do the steadily diminishing number of humans who have somehow managed to survive over a decade of living hell stand a chance on a planet where they've been reduced to the status of prey? It all ends here, on Monster Planet.


It all comes down to this – Monster Planet. This book is the finale to David Wellington’s zombie trilogy, and being a fan, and having read his vampire series, he has yet to disappoint.

I wondered over to Amazon to get the info for this book, and noticed that the reviews were all over the board. I will admit it – this isn’t your traditional zombie series. There are some readers that hardcore when it comes to monsters, and don’t care to deviate from the hardened fast rules of what each monster is supposed to be. If you like your zombies slow, stumbling, and mindless, then this story might not be for you. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of your standard zombies in this series, but the author adds so much more to the walking dead that it makes it that much more terrifying for the living and the dead.

“What can be so terrifying for the dead besides a bullet to the head?” you ask. How about the dead that can think? Zombies that are so smart, that they possess a dark magic that can bring the end of the world as we know it. The writer refers to them as ‘lich’, and they battle centuries-old ghosts that inhabit zombie bodies, and mummies that have reanimated without the slightest yearning for human flesh.

In the first book we found one of these lich following orders of a ghost to destroy mankind. It is set six weeks after the zombie epidemic where ten percent of the population is the undead. The lich, Gary, rebels with his own intentions in mind – farming humans.

The second book takes us back the beginning of the outbreak. Nilla finds herself dead, without any previous memories of herself. She follows her inner direction to head west but ends up finding the source of the infection.

Monster Planet, the finale, brings back all the key players to finish the story. A war is being waged between the living and the dead, between those who want to rebuild the world, and those who want to end it all, and don’t assume that you know which side wants what outcome.

            From the book:

It was the last, the hope, that made her despair. It looked like the others had been treated to the same act she had – the kindly guide leading them on a tour of what must look like paradise on earth. To many of these people the idea of a safe place where the dead were kept at bay and where there was a little something to eat had long ago faded from possibility. They had been hiding, hiding for years in fallout shelters or hardened public buildings, eating when and what they could, resorting to whatever it took to stay alive – Ayaan knew that many of them could tell her what human flesh tasted like. They had been cold and hungry and alone for over a decade. When the Tsarevich’s troops dug them out of their holes it must have felt like inevitable doom descending. What little fight or spark of anger left to them had been shaken out on the long, horrible journey in the cages. Now they were brought to this safe, clean place and told lies about apple trees. Their brains no longer knew how to process bullshit.

David Wellington does a wonderful job of writing in third person. I’ve always been biased to first person POV, but his books seem to suck me in, and I forget about how the story is being told. I was pleasantly shocked to find characters from this vampire series hidden within his zombie trilogy. He brings the two series together to give you a feeling that his world, is all one world. I look forward to sinking my teeth into his werewolf series. 

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