Book Review: Inner Horror by L.A. Tafe

Inner HorrorInner Horror by L.A. Tafe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

REVIEW: Fight Club, gruesome nightmares, and action packed combat.

I spoke to the author before reading this, and he gave me a heads up on the grammar errors. I won’t dwell on it long, because I won’t judge a book by grammar errors, punctuation mistakes, and repetitive sentence beginnings. A lot of independent authors cannot afford a good editor, and therefore, I will not rate a book based on it. But, this book would definitely benefit from it.

The story is strong and it takes place, bouncing back and forth, between a very imaginative dream land, and reality. The protagonist, Lance, has essentially created a bad ass alter ego to stifle some bulling fears. And much like a gremlin, it’s hard to only contain one. The steadily multiplying personalities become a real life menace, as they all battle for what Lance doesn’t want to give up… his life.

L.A. Tafe paints a horrifying dream world filled with terrifying monsters. In the reality of the book, the character struggles for control of a life that is spiraling out of control. I ask you… where would you rather live?


A seventeen year old boy with a past of terrible nightmares begins to realize they are much more than nightmares and they are back to torment him once again. Haunted by hallucinations and voices within his own head, he fights sanity while fighting with his deepest fears for his life and the life of his girlfriend. He must face his inner horrors or be lost in his own mind forever. 

This novel is fast paced and stays true to its horror roots with crass dialogue and graphic imagery. While there are a few grammar errors the story is solid and definitely will not disappoint.

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Have pleasant vampire, werewolf, and zombie dreams.

Book Review: The Devil's Bed by Doug Lamoreux

The Devil's BedThe Devil's Bed by Doug Lamoreux

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

REVIEW: Horror at its finest… mixed with humor.

Brandy takes a vacation to France with her fiancé, Ray, and her best friend/soon-to-be sister-in-law, Vicki, to finish her project on burial practices. It inevitably takes them to the tombs of the Templar Knights. Terrible things happen at the graves, and all hell (literally) breaks loose. Yet, through it all, the characters seem to keep a morbid sense of humor.

The mummified Templars are resurrected with help of their personal idol, Satan, and with it they bring forth a new kind of horror. They reanimate the dead as vampires, building an army of undead minions. Stop! I know what you are thinking, and you are wrong. These vampires have a thirst for human blood, and the human soul.

My creeptacular meter was dinging on high this time. What a great and creepy story filled with blood, guts, holy water, fire, and ceiling crawling undead. I have to give the writer props on the Evil Dead-like chase through the church that had me laughing out loud.


What awaits Brandy in... The Devil's Bed?

Brandy Petracus, touring a ruined castle in the south of France, is led to the unhallowed graveyard of Templar knights executed for practicing Black Magic. Long forgotten by the world, this ancient cemetery is known to the locals as – the Devil's Bed and its occupants do not rest in peace.

In this fast-paced clash of Good vs Evil, Brandy soon finds herself the ad hoc leader of an eclectic group besieged by resurrected Templar knights - craving their blood. Vampirism, madness, dark humor, and flashbacks to 14th century Paris tell Brandy's very human story of commitment, trust and sacrifice.

These aren't your daddy's zombies! They are an all new form of undead creature; former monks and Crusaders to whom symbolism is everything. They wear crosses but cannot abide a crucifix. They can enter a chapel but not its sanctuary. They chant Latin curses while chasing their victims, pray to evil while killing them, and drink their blood in a corruption of the sacraments.

Before the appearance of these resurrected horrors, Brandy is feeling trapped by life. Her best friend, Vicki, is horribly murdered (with three others) near the Templars' graveyard. Angry and overwhelmed by guilt, she finds little comfort in her emotionally detached fiance (Vicki's brother). She fights to come to grips with her loss, her failing relationship, and the local authorities suspicions she is involved in the murders. Then Brandy's nightmare really begins. The Templars, keeping a seven centuries old covenant, rise from their graves to avenge their executions. Brandy and company are forced to hole up in an ancient chapel and fight for survival.

Even then, the Devil's Bed has yet to surrender all of its secrets.

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Have pleasant vampire, werewolf, and zombie dreams.

Interview with L.A. Tafe, author of Inner Horror.

I bumped into L.A. Tafe on Goodreads and found that we both have a couple of things in common. One, we both are authors, and two, we both love horror. With being in the business of helping other authors, I decided to put his book Inner Horror on my list of to-reads. It is my next to read and I fell head over heels for it after reading the first chapter on his blog ( I decided to conduct pre-review interview.

So, L.A., tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I grew up in Southern California. Started writing small stories at the age of eight or so, I think my first attempt was some time traveling story about dinosaurs haha. Now I live in central Kentucky , soon to be moving to tennessee, with my girlfriend and our mischievous cat that thoroughly enjoys helping me write by walking across the keyboard. My writing has moved from dinosaurs, at least for now haha, into the Horror genre mostly. But I have plenty ideas for every genre fermenting on my hard drive. 

Tell us more about Inner Horror.

Inner Horror is really my greatest revealing of myself. If you have ever read "The Picture of Dorian Gray," the artist, Basil Hayward worded it very nicely about his portrait of Dorian. How every work is a reflection of the artist and the portrait reveled far to much of himself. That is what Inner Horror is for me. I had nightmares as a kid because I watched a lot of horror movies against my will haha. And over time I began fearing the vivid nightmares that followed more than the movies themselves. So the realism of dreams and the thin line between dreams and reality is the real underlining of Inner Horror. Things like the protagonists name is my real name, the villian is named after a play on words a friend once called me cuz I love practical jokes and he didn't take kindly to it haha. The protagonists fears are also my own. I was actually half asleep when I came up with the idea. Shot up out of bed and opened my computer to get it down on paper and it just went from there. I knew it was going to be my first full length novel right then. It really had all of the things I wanted for my first, it is unique, allowed me to make my own world while rooted in reality, and it had a big chunk of myself in it. I am very proud of the way the story turned out. Have a sequel planned that I am itching to begin.

What inspires you, and do you have any rituals when it comes to writing?

It sound cliche but just about anything inspires me. Media, people, places, events, my mind can see look at an empty bottle of water on my desk and that will get me thinking about what I had in it, then where that came from, then what contagion could I possibly have attained by drinking the contents haha. So I can really look at anything and my mind will end up somewhere completely different within a few seconds. Inspiration is simply infinite.

As for rituals. Most of the time I'll lay down on my bed with my head propped, Mac on my lap, and some music playing and then I just go at it. My attention tends to wander if I am editing or just not too into what I am writing so I have a bunch of things open in the background as well haha.

What is your goal with your writing?

In a few years I hope to be writing full time, getting at least three novels out a year with short stories being posted on my blog or on the kindle store for $0.99. When I really start making a living with my writing I want to give as much as I can to my fans, really getting them involved with what I am writing when I am writing it, doing giveaways, and always being available to anyone that wants to talk. Right now with a job and hectic home life to take care of, I barely have time to write let alone keep in contact with fans and fellow authors for reviews and interviews. Basically my goal is to be the best author I can be and never take myself to seriously.

Do you have any plans with future writing?

Right now I am working on Zombies Ate My Neighbors, a zombie thriller that really takes hold and doesn't let go until the last page. Pretty sure I will be changing the title before I release it, I named it that two-three years ago and kept it as a working title. Pretty sure the name is copyrighted by Sega anyway haha. After I finish with that it is really a toss up. As I mentioned before I have an outline ready for an Inner Horror sequel, but lately with all of the political stuff going on an idea I have for a anarchy thriller (not sure what to label it) has been nagging at me almost non stop.

Now I'm going to ask you some horror related questions, just so the reader can get to dig into your brain a little.

Who or what was your boogey man when you were growing up?

There were quite a few of them but the one that sticks out in my mind is Pennywise The Clown from IT. He is the soul reason for my clown fear haha.

Who do you think is scarier; a fictitious monster, such as a werewolf, or one that could be real, like a psychopath?

To be absolutely exact: Ghosts. I actually had this discussion this last weekend as my girlfriend and I debated whether or not to stay in a haunted hotel. I told her no and she asked why. I believe my words were, "Because a killer comes in your house or attacks you on the street and I am confident I have a fighting chance... You can't f***ing kill a ghost." hahaha.

If you're being chased by a monster, would you look over your shoulder behind you to see how close it was?

Nope. That is what reflective surfaces are for. And if no reflective surfaces are easily accessible, I do not need to see how close I am to being eaten.

In the way of tradition monsters, do you prefer the old tradition? Example: Vampires and sunlight, werewolves and the cycles of the moon, and stumbling zombies. Or you do you like the break out of new and improved monsters? Example: Indestructible vampires, werewolves shifting at will, and runner zombies?

I like them all. I believe they are all separate entities and dynamic in their own ways. Except for twilight vamps... 'nuff said

Here is the mother loaded question. The zombie apocalypse has fell upon us. Society and government has collapsed. All of technology and conveniences of modern day have crumbled. Groups of survivors are gathering the remnants of what is left and trying to rebuild a new world. You have to start over from scratch. You have nothing. You have to build your own house, grow your own food, and make your own fuel, medicine, and clothing. The question is this: What is the one thing (thing not person) you would miss the most in the world that you live now?

It took me a while to think something up, to be honest I can do without a lot of the shit I use everyday because if I had to work within a community for everything then I wouldn't have time for anything else. But I can not stand relentlessly hot, humid weather. So air conditioning is the thing I will miss haha.

Is there anything you would like to tell the readers?

I am not going to give twenty links to my different social sites, just to my blog If you want my Twitter, GoodReads, book info, etc. It is all there. And like I post just about everywhere, if you want to know more about me or just want to talk, email me:

Thank you Carrie for taking some time to interview me, hope to return the favor soon. Thanks to the readers for taking the time to read my rambles. Hope we entertained you for a brief time. And keep on reading!

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer my crazy questions. I look forward to reading Inner Horror soon. And to my blog followers, look for my review of it soon.

Have pleasant vampire, werewolf, and zombie dreams.

Winner of the Legacy giveaway and two plugs.

If you didn't get a chance to enter my spontaneous giveaway, please forgive me. I now that it was sudden and short. But the winner of the proof copy of Legacy was Coylene Gill, and for those that read the book you will recognize the name. Several people graciously gave up their names and likenesses for my story. It started with Endlessly (as a joke) with one friend, and then two more people wanted in (read the acknowledgements). It grew with Legacy (again check the acknowledgements), but all of the other characters came from my head, and I did not take any volunteers for Phantom and Switch.

I want to thank all of the people that did volunteer for this. They were told in advance that their characters would have their names and likeness, but not all of their own personality. Their character would, and could, say and do things that they would not do in real life. Such as: profanity, murder, fornication, ect... And that they would know nothing of their characters, and what they have done, until the book was published and they read it. Wow, that leaves a lot of room to do evil things if you think about it, and yet each one of them never batted a lash when they raised their hands. I had more volunteers than what I used, and I would like to thank those people for their courage to willingly sacrifice themselves for my story also.

With all of this being said, I would like to announce that Legacy is now available. "What?" you say. I know, I told everyone the 27th. I told them the 27th because it may take up till that time for it to show its self on Amazon and B&N and get them linked to their e-book versions. At the moment Createspace is the only place that you can purchase it in paperback form. It will take up to seven days for it to show up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. But for all of you E-Readers out there, you can find it on Kindle and NOOK. Check my website for the links.

And now for another plug. If you follow my reviews, you read that I left a five zombie head review for Gift of the Bouda by Richard Farnsworth. Well, I really loved that book, and I wanted to inform all of you that are Goodreads members that he is having a giveaway of his book, so run over to Goodreads and get signed up. It's a great story and if you don't win it, it is well worth the money to purchase it.

Have pleasant vampire, werewolf, and zombie dreams.

Book Review: Werewolf by Greg Hair

WerewolfWerewolf by Greg Hair

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

REVIEW: This story was fast paced and action packed. I felt like it was a strange mix of vigilante/x-men/werewolves – if that makes sense. It kept my attention with the new breed of werewolves, but (as I always mention with third person writing) I felt distant from the characters. There was quite a bit of story crammed into this book and I will be looking for the sequel.

ABOUT: Landon Murphy, a werewolf who has a knack for tracking, a penchant for killing, and an affinity for the bottle, walks the streets at night removing from society those who would escape the limits of the law. Further compounding his life is a serial killer, and the addition of two individuals, LillyAnna and Jamie, whom he helps introduce to the larger world of the supernatural. Landon soon discovers, however, that he's not the only werewolf with secrets..

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Have pleasant vampire, werewolf, and zombie dreams.

Book Review: Gift of the Bouda by Richard Farnsworth

Gift of the BoudaGift of the Bouda by Richard Farnsworth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

REVIEW: Everyone knows that I’m a sucker for first person POV, so when this story started out in that writing style I have to automatically add a star. But this book gets deeper than that. The writer goes back and forth, first person on one chapter, and third person the next. The whole story bounces back and forth this way to give you the things that are happening behind the sense, and I found that completely necessary to tell the complex story line.

The incorporation of two different cultural urban legends I found fascinating. It gives the story the “something different” factor that I am always looking for.

The protagonist, John Rogers, is forced to make volition to continue through with his dual self. I found the internal struggle between his human nature and animal instincts intriguing.

I always talk about “write what you know”, and it is very apparent that this is what the author did, and it makes this story shine.

ABOUT: Soldiers returning from the War on Terror bring back terrors of their own, and have trouble coping with normal life after combat. But few of these terrors are as tangible as those brought home by Special Forces Captain John Rogers, who is attacked by a lycanthrope. He survives but is infected by the curse. After returning to the real world, things fall apart for John. His wife divorces him and he struggles in the grip of this new affliction. He is finally able to get some sort of a life together when he accidentally hunts in the wrong territory and has a run-in with the local werewolf pack. Honey strips at the club where John works as a bouncer, when he's not a monster. While moonlighting as a prostitute, she accidentally roles the wrong john. This john is carrying a package meant for a werewolf pack, and when they come looking for it they find John Rogers waiting.

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Have pleasant vampire, werewolf, and zombie dreams.