Book Review: The Hungry Mouth by Isaac Marion

A man and a woman on their first date discover they have amazing powers

Tyrannosaurus Rex enjoys modern life as the guardian and spiritual mentor of Seattle. 

An angry stoplight manages traffic for the lawless humans it despises. 

An immortal and indestructible man discovers the horror and beauty of living forever. 

serpent exchanges emails with government agencies, confessing to a lifelong murder spree. 

feral cat sends psychic postcards to the family dog he left behind. 

A child abandoned into foster care grows into a very, very hungry man

A boy competes with his older brother for the affections of a girl before discovering a mysterious hole in the bottom of a lake

An old man reminisces on his career as a disease engineer for a shadowy world organization. 

A teenage girl and her kid brother make their way through a post-apocalyptic Seattle while being pursued by a large, lonely zombie

The black hole at the center of our galaxy delivers a fierce and final soliloquy

From the author of WARM BODIES, a collection of strange stories about strange people, strange creatures, and strange objects experiencing joys and hungers that are not strange at all. 

20 stories, including "Grass Through The Concerete" a novella set in the world of WARM BODIES. 

Limited Edition designed and published by the author. Only 500 copies will be made. All copies are signed.

Where the book can be purchased:


I think the back cover of this book describes The Hungry Mouth the best:

Short and long stories about people, animals, cars, crashes, love, disease, death, dinosaurs, black holes, breakups, zombies, gods, children, happiness, and hunger.

Isaac Marion is best known for his novel Warm Bodies, which is well on its way to a movie theater near you. The Hungry Mouth is a compilation of stories by Isaac, with a story toward the end a bit longer than the others called, Grass Through The Concrete. Warm Bodies fans can rejoice. The author has taken us back to the zombie fall-out. We meet Nora at sixteen and Julie at age ten, as they struggle in a world that has crashed and burned. The heartfelt sentiments are just as deep as its predecessor, and the strange sad satire is just as thick.

The other stories in The Hungry Mouth leading up to the zombie prequel were just as satisfying. They were bizarre, horrifying, comical, and thought provoking. She And I Walking stood out as one of my favorites. It’s about a man waiting for his blind date, only to bump into another girl waiting for her blind date. Their walk together explores what Love should and could be.

Jerry Lives Forever is another that stood out in my mind. It’s about an immortal man, and his exploration for happiness as the universe around him crumbles is thought provoking and insightful.

I know Warm Bodies fans will come for Grass Through The Concrete, but I hope that they give the other stories a chance. The variety of emotions and satire that are compiled in this book are too good to be true. But hurry, the author only printed 500 copies, and they can only be obtained through his website:

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