For Valentine's Day...

Love shared, love in secret, celebrated, exploded. Unrequited longing and love that’s mellowed through the years. Love at long distance, across continents, so close there’s no space to breathe, or never quite close enough. Love lost and love found. Love from the inside out and love from the outside in. 

Love Notes has it all: a collection of poetry as diverse as the experience of falling in love itself. A shared candied apple, a farewell at Paddington Station, a name scribbled in a notebook, a face that leaves us breathless, a single word that changes our life forever. Love Notes is a rich tapestry of verse woven from fragments of life and those moments that make falling in love so irresistible. And so inevitable. 

Love is unique, love is universal. Love is everywhere.


Q: What's this? Love? Isn't this site and author dedicated to horror, paranormal, and all the things that go bump in the night?

A: Yes, I am dedicated to the darker side of fiction, but even monsters need love too. 

I submitted some poetry for a Love themed anthology through Vagabondage Press, and was accepted. The intent of the anthology was to give those who are unable to express their love in words, a unique gift to give for Valentine's Day. So here it is, the result of challenging myself to write something that wasn't drenched in blood, or covered in gore.

Available in paperback and eBook. The links where you can obtain it are below:

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  1. A beautiful collection of poetry. I really liked Overheated by Brigette Goetze - it made me smile in remembrance, Thief by Caitlin Meredith Walsh - clever in its simplicity, and Dandelion Wine by Katie Manning - poignant.

    I don't usually read much poetry but these are recommended for the heart.

    Julie Elizabeth Powell