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Since this area of my site is titled “Updates/Reviews” I feel obligated to fulfill the first half of that title every once in a while. 

My site has been changed up a bit if you haven't noticed. I get bored with a look after a while, and my husband suggested the catch phrase: Do Not Dispose Of In Fire! It's the warning that is on some electronic and batteries due to they may explode in a fire. He thought it was a funny pun on burning books, and I thought what the heck. 

I'll move on to other business. I guess I will answer the question that I get asked the most.

Q: Are you writing right now?

A: At this point, I’m sort on hiatus. Within two months I will have published three works, and promoting all three is becoming a nightmare. 

First there is Danse Macabre, a novella that is not related to the Endlessly series. It’s a zombie story mixed with satire, but not the modern disease riddled corpses that we call zombies. It’s based on the origins of zombies – Voodoo.

Second, I was part of a love poetry anthology, Love Notes.  It was published on January 31 in hopes of promoting it for Valentine’s Day. You can find out more about these first two by clicking the pages on my site.

And third, Phantom, the finale of the Endlessly trilogy will be out February 29. This has caused writing to come to a crawl and almost a standstill as I read through the final review of Phantom.

So, am I writing right now? Not really. I’ve been piddling with some poetry, because that doesn’t require long nights in front of a computer. This way I can devote more time to reviewing Phantom. Also, I’ve played with the idea of compiling all my miscellaneous poetry, (unsung) songs, and paintings into a random picture book.

I do have three books started though.

The one that is closest to completion is Switch. For those of you that follow my posts, you know that this book is related to the Endlessly trilogy. It’s sort of a companion book, as it takes place in the same world as the trilogy, but the characters are a bit different. The whole concept was to “switch” sides, (hence the name) and see all of the events that unfolded in the trilogy from the eyes of the Quatre. It would include the things that you heard about through the books, but never actually got to witness due to the first person perspective. The Endlessly world is rough and cruel, but the Quatre are even worse.

The second book that I have started is a bit off of my regular path, and it doesn’t have a name yet. It’s my attempt a bizzaro fiction. If you haven’t heard of this genre before, Google it.

The third book is only a budding; actually it’s only a chapter. But that is how its predecessor started out – Danse Macabre. I originally was dead set that Danse Macabre would be a standalone novella, if you’ve read the story you can see why. But like everything else that I write, the story just keeps playing in my head when I’m done typing.

That’s where I stand, and will probably stay until after Phantom’s release. Until then, in between reviewing Phantom, I think I’ll pick up my paint brush and work on some projects that I have in mind. 

Oh yeah, there is still a Goodreads giveaway going on for Danse Macabre too:

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Danse Macabre

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