Book Review: Deadly Reflections by D.H. Sayer

Justin Wells has a less than perfect life. His parents have recently divorced and he is living with his dad, who does nothing but watch TV all day. They've moved into a house that is falling apart around them. Worst of all, he is attending a new high school, where everyone treats him like an outcast.

Things don't get any easier for him when he becomes interested in Sarah Ellis, girlfriend of all-star hockey player Brandon Tate, a quick-tempered bully who soon has it out for Justin.

Right when Justin is starting to make friends and his life is incrementally improving, an ancient and mysterious entity is unleashed on the sleepy New England town. After a few suspicious deaths, it becomes apparent that something is going on a killing spree.

…something that can only be seen in mirrors.

As the bodies start piling up around them, Justin and his new friends have to figure out how to stop this terrible force before it picks them off one by one.


In a word… mesmerizing. Okay, so I’m a sucker for a paranormal romance every now and then, but Deadly Reflections takes us beyond paranormal and into a world of horror.

Justin has just started a new school. He has begun the awkward walk of being new, and making friends. (Sounds slightly familiar right?) He ends up befriending a group of diverse guys, and finds himself drawn to a beautiful girl that has recently broken up with her all-star super-jock boyfriend. (Oh no, let the butt-kicking commence.) Suddenly, people start dyeing gruesome deaths, while Justin tries to keep Sarah safe from her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Even though the story to Deadly Reflections is familiar, I found myself sucked into it. A paranormal romance from a man’s point of view is hard to come by. I know that personally, I prefer to read a story that comes from the male perspective. A romance book from a woman is usually entangled with deep emotions, but with a man, it becomes more methodical. It’s as if the protagonist is playing chess. The thought process gets caught up in: if I make this move, what will the opposite make in return.

The book equally brakes up the romance with horror, and not just the horror of a monster that is reflected in mirrors. Sarah has recently broken up with her long-time possessive and jealous boyfriend, Brandon. Although Brandon’s jealous nature starts out as a simple fist-fight amongst two teen boys, it grows steadily dangerous not only for Justin, but Sarah too.

And amongst all of this… there is an unworldly monster - that can’t be seen - ripping people to shreds.

If you are into paranormal romances, and can stomach the darker aspect of horror, then I will tell you to read this. I couldn’t put this book down. This makes a great debut for D.H. Sayer, and I look forward to seeing more.

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