Book Review: Harry Wall's Man by John Leahy

Harry Wall's Man by John Leahy.

Ridley Case is in a race against time to discover the secrets of a very strange apartment tower. Will he be able to save its residents before something terrible takes place?


Harry Wall’s Man by John Leahy is one story from an anthology.

After Ridley Case attends the funeral of one of the most admired architects in the industry, Harry Wall, he is approached by Harry’s estranged wife to investigate his final days. Harry seemed to have it all: a beautiful wife, money, and success. Then something happened as he began to design a new apartment building in the shape of a standing man.

When Ridley enters Harry’s home, what he finds is more than shocking. Among the decaying life that Harry left behind, Mr. Case finds the diagrams of “The Man”, along with scribbled and maddening plans of a life that it could gain.

With Harry’s notes in hand, Ridley seeks information from the internet to find another man that will help him warn the building’s residents.

John Leahy does a fantastic job of captivating his audience. Right when you want to dismiss the story as fiction, Leahy pulls you back in for a ride. Even though this story was short, it was well written and pulled me in. 

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