What's the future looking like?

Well... uncertain and open. I think that's the same answer you would get from anyone else on the planet for any number of subjects. Recently I've had people inquire about what's next from me, and I felt you all deserved some answers... even if the answers only create more questions.

Are you writing more books for the Endlessly series?


Is Danse Macabre going to have a sequel?


When is your next book coming out?

I don't know.

I've been writing but I've also been lazy. Right now I'm compiling short stories and working on a novella off and on. What's the novella about? (sly grin) I'm not telling. I will give you some extremely vague picture clues to tickle your curiosity bone, and I will tell what it's not. It's NOT a continuation of the Endlessly series or a sequel to Danse Macabre

What? You say these don't make any sense? Good. Cryptic is good. It keeps the imagination running, and the imagination is a terrible thing to waste or lose.

Now on to extra curricular activities - conventions.

I plan on attending a few conventions this year, but I won't be a participant as an author. My plan is to strictly be a spectator. I'm currently planning on attending http://www.horrorfindweekend.com/ and http://bizarrocon.wordpress.com/ There may be others and these are subject to change due them taking place in August and November. You know, the future is uncertain and open. So if your planning on stalk me you might want to keep up on my posts to make sure I'm still attending. (just kidding)
If you have trouble viewing, please visit www.authorcvhunt.com, my blog feeds to several other sites. Thank you.

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