Book Review: 32 Fangs by David Wellington

Laura Caxton's battles against the ancient vampire Justinia Malvern have cost her nearly everything—her badge, her freedom, her friends and family . . . maybe even her humanity.

And as she hides out in the deepest backwoods of Pennsylvania, pursued by the cops who were once her colleagues, Laura certainly looks beaten. But as Laura sees it, what little is left of her soul is perfectly adapted to the job of ridding the world of its last vampire. And thanks to the terrible clarity she's found, Laura's come up with a plan—one that will finish Malvern once and for all.

But the ever-wily Malvern has a few last aces left to play and is quietly dealing a hand that will involve a terrible fate for the few friends Laura's got left. When the two adversaries meet for the last time in their most epic battle, the vampires will force Laura to pay a price far beyond anything she's sacrificed before.


32 Fangs is the last of the 13 Bullets series (a.k.a The Laura Caxton series) by David Wellington, and I don’t believe too many of his fans will be disappointed.

The readers finally get the answers they have been waiting for:  Who was Malvern in life?, Where did she come from?, How had she survived throughout time?, and over all, What happened to Laura?

The story is set up like 99 Coffins as the chapters have alternate viewpoints. Wellington was able to give the readers what they were looking for by bouncing back and forth from present time to events in the past. He effectively told the story of Malvern this way.

The only off putting things I found were the present time story. It was mainly focused on back story. Reminding readers of what has happened throughout a series is a challenge, but it seemed like overkill.

I like David Wellington’s writing style, and his dedication to keeping monsters scary. I’m a fan of his Monster Island trilogy, and I like this series also, although I was hoping for a different type of ending. I’m really looking forward to hopping into his werewolf trilogy.

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