Book Review: Outside The Wire by Richard Farnsworth

Featuring fallen angels, demons, lycanthropes, monsters and a disembodied hand (or is it), Outside the Wire is a collection of six previously published short stories about things we don’t want to let in, all anthologized for your reading pleasure.


Richard Farnsworth presents us with a collection of short stories in Outside The Wire. Two of these are just snippets of larger stories, Succumbing To Gravity (everyone who knows me, knows I will force you to read this book), and Gift Of The Bouda. Both of his previous works show how well Farnsworth can write the internal struggle.

I found all of the other short stories just as engaging as Richard’s previous books. One story, B.E.K.s is about ??? The writer created some terrifying creatures, and who, or what, they are remain a mystery to the reader and the characters in the story. In The Sacrifices Of Automated Tabulation, a woman starts a new job, only to find out things are not what they seem.

The Long Road To Sanctum felt familiar. The rules and aspect of the story coincide with the were-creatures of Gift Of The Bouda.

I absolutely love Farnsworth’s gift for writing the dilemma of the internal struggle, and he showcases the highlights of this in Dougies’s Hand. The story is about a young man with an uncontrolled hand, which reminded me of Idle Hands or Evil Dead.

The last story of the collection, Virtual Huntress, brings the horrors of the very possible to light. I think I’ve already stated this a million times, but the real monsters are always the scariest.

Richard Farnsworth has proved yet again, whatever genre or path he takes in his writing, he will always have my attention.

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