Naked Hearts

Naked Hearts by C.V. Hunt

Two glass hearts listen as their music becomes thunder.
A docile cloud shifts to reveal the threads of a dream.
Time crests, then stands still for a spell.
One heart bounds forward and the other is consumed in fire.
Searching for light beyond the approaching storm, both hearts yearn to touch.
They cleave to the reality of its acid burn.

The brave heart trembles, and watches the other burn.
Thumping and beating, their lives begin to thunder.
The pyre grows, and the feral hearts refrain a shivering touch.
Reality becomes surreal, and their embrace is only a haunting dream.
Ashes mix with beats as they hail like fire,
And each encompasses the other, trying to break the spell.

Universes slide and the scorching heart learns to spell.
Slanted lines cross and create fractured webs that burn.
An atomic beat explodes, shattering a scarred heart in fire.
Its sonic freedom resonates with rolling thunder,
And the trapped heart winces inside the forlorn dream.
Dark clouds shift to display the craved touch.

The lone heart begs for the free heart’s reluctant touch.
It knows, once together, it will be liberated from its empty spell.
Untamed storms and perception invade the changing dream.
Along the edges, the scene starts to melt and burn.
The flames breed impatiently, and their song echoes of thunder.
The caged heart knows its loneliness will cease in fire.

Scorched in the downpour, their world is annihilated by fire.
The snared heart shatters, unmasking a desired touch,
And the world is unveiled with a deafening crack of thunder.
The clouds shift and lightning strikes, breaking the invisible spell.
Jagged pieces of broken glass burn,
And two naked hearts are exposed within the dream.

Broken hearts break the silence of the lucid dream.  
Their staccato beats quench the raging fire.
Moving closer, they savor a longing burn,
And mirroring the other, the vulnerable hearts extend a hesitant touch.
Their rhythm stops for an unnerving spell,
And on impact, their beats commence to thunder.

The dream wavers as the two hearts succumb to the hungered touch.
Their passion ignites a fire, and the embrace creates a new spell.
A drumming song will forever burn, and in the distance it reverberates as thunder.

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