Book Review: Snail by V. Ulea

Formed from memories of dreams of memories, Snail is journey of life, introspection, and familial connectitude. Its seven interconnected stories are bonded by mood, plot, a single set of characters, and heart felt emotion; yet separated in a very dream like fashion by time, space, and logic of reality. Beautifully adorned by the artworks of Irene Frenkel, this book is not simply a work to be read and considered, it is a texturized and exhilarating cosmic dance for all the senses.
Snail is a unique and whimsical collection of seven short stories all tied together by the same characters appearing throughout the book. The stories have a dream-like quality and can be interpreted as surreal.

Each story is heavily influenced by life and family, but with a bizarre writing style that leaves them open to the reader’s perception. Life, death, grandparents, parents, growing old, and being born are all within Snail’s pages.

The striking aspect of this book is the physical book. I was intrigued by its black pages and white print. While V. Ulea weaves a web of inspiring stories, Irene Frenkel’s illustrations pull this storylette into completion. 

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