What I did today.

What did I do today? I finished a story. Not finished reading a story either. I finished writing a story today. That's right, another book is coming soon. 

If anyone is paying attention I'm sure there are some questions. Let me try to answer them all before they are asked.

* It's not part of Endlessly series. (waits for groans of disappointment to die down) 

* This is something off my normal track and I've been wanting to try out some new stuff. So hang on to your hats, it may be a bumpy ride.

* I don't know when it will be available, yet.

* I do know what the title will be but I'm keeping it a secret right now, along with the cover art.

* There is a high likelihood it will only be available as an ebook. (because it's not long - think Danse Macabre - and I don't move many paperbacks) 

Why are theses answers sort of crazy? Because for the first time one of my stories may have a publisher. What does that mean? I would relinquish all control to someone else. 

So stick around and I'll keep you updated. By the way, today is National Kissing Day. Pucker up.

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