It's been a while since I've thrown any movies in the review mix. This isn't really a review, but a movie I really like most people haven't heard of. This movie was recommended to me after a friend read my novella, Danse Macabre. Another friend of mine recently purchased it after I told him how much I enjoyed it and we watched it together. My tastes in movies isn't normal. For one, I absolutely hate CGI, and although it's sprinkled throughout Heartless, it's tolerable.

I obtained the description below from IMDb's website but it doesn't do the film justice at all. The main character, Jamie, has a large birthmark covering part of his face (sounds familiar, right?) and pines for a normal life. A strange encounter with inhuman beings and the death of some loved-ones leads Jamie to a man with a deal hard to refuse.   

The number one complaint I hear from friends when they finally sit down to watch this is WTF? I have to admit, halfway through the movie this get really bizarre, but don't give up. Most people quit paying attention to it or quit watching because it gets too weird, but you will be rewarded if you stick it out all the way to the end.

Jamie Morgan, a young man with a large heart-shaped birthmark on his face, discovers that there are demons on the streets of East London.

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