Book Review: On The Bayou by Sean Patrick Bridges

Sean Patrick Bridges shows us how actions should be written – with the enthusiasm of a movie script. Suspense and action take front stage in On The Bayou.

Special agent, Jennifer Nash, is given a second chance by being put in charge of a simple operation. She is joined by a small team of police officers to take down a small meth lab in the swamps of Louisiana. When things go wrong for her and her crew, they find themselves struggling to survive through the night. The team not only battles the ever hungry alligators that inhabit the swamp, but also a tight-knit community of religious followers and a slew of drug lords.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse for the team the reader finds out betrayal runs deep when survival is at stake.

On The Bayou wasn’t a typical read for me. I had read Mr. Bridges previous book, Roll Of The Die, liked it a lot, and thought I would give this one a shot. This story is heftier than Mr. Bridges previous. It moved a slower through the beginning, giving you the background of Jennifer and her counter parts she would soon be up against.

The author does a great job of creating characters you love to hate. You know… the one guy in the group you can’t wait to be killed because he’s such a jerk. This is packed with great action sequences and I think would do great on a movie screen.

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