Author Interview: Kody Boye

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Tell us a little about yourself.

            To start, my name is Kody Boye. I was inspired to start writing when a teacher assigned an object-specific writing assignment when I was seven years old. Fast-forward seven years and my first story, [A] Prom Queen’s Revenge, was published, and three years after that my first novel Sunrise (which has now just been rereleased) was published. I moved to Austin in the month of May 2010 due to a variety of reasons and have been here since.

Can you give a brief summary of what Blood is about?

            The quick and dirty response would be that Blood is about a young man who wants to join the military. To expand upon that, the novel is about how, due to being magically-gifted, our main character, Odin Karussa, is conscripted into the royal pagehood to train as a knight after a high mage of the Ornalan court decrees him beneficial to the king’s army.

What inspired you to write this book?

            I initially wrote Blood (and the three original books that encompass the overall story arc) between the ages of twelve to fourteen. I tried to pick it up a second time after 2007 but failed miserably. However, come time for 2009, I had a brain tumour scare that could have possibly affected my writing, so I wrote an anxiety and panic-ridden draft of the first chapter the night before I was to go meet with a neurosurgeon. Turns out the scare was nothing more than a bruise on the brain and I’m still writing to this day.

What was the biggest challenge you faced writing Blood?

            I think the challenge of writing any fantasy story is sculpting your characters and your world. Going into The Brotherhood universe again, I had a variety of things to think about, mainly geography and just where all they would be traveling. I spent a week drawing a map that displayed the northwestern world and from there expanded upon the idea. While I did rewrite Blood in 2009, I rewrote it an additional time in 2011 because I wasn’t satisfied with the writing. This major revision point was also where I noticed some of the bigger flaws in the beginning, which I fixed thanks to my amazing editor.

Why do you think people should read your book?

            I think people would enjoy Blood based on the fact that it’s a very character-driven novel. One of the major things I wanted to do when I started writing the saga was make it easy to read, easy to understand and easy for the reader to imagine. The world the series is set in is broad in scope (as are the cultures and histories,) but it never overburdens the reader (so far as the feedback’s told me, anyhow.) One of my major points was to not jar the reader out of the story by introducing a random term that meant nothing to the context of the story (i.e, making a complex system of names for a high mage when they could just be called a ‘high mage,’ etc.) For the most part, I think I succeeded.

What are the future plans in writing?

            My future plans for writing is to (hopefully) make enough money off it to substantiate my income. I have just finished the first draft of the fourth Brotherhood novel, Rebel. Afterward, I will resume writing my YA M/M urban fantasy novel with my friend Rhiannon Frater. As of now I’m not sure if I will be writing the fifth and final Brotherhood novel after I finish me and Miss Frater’s novel, though I’m sure it will come sometime in the months following that (most likely this year as well.)

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Another author painting.

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